Lead a Design Sprint (Level 4)


This programme is designed to teach participants how to lead and facilitate their own Design Sprints.

The focus of this programme is not so much on the process, but on how to guide people through the process, understanding some of the common pitfalls that teams fall into and how to help them out, and how to facilitate discussions and teamwork.

Participants will be required to prepare and lead their fellow participants through one section of the Design Sprint, putting into practice everything that they’ve learnt.


4 Days

Audience Profile

All levels who are interested in learning how to facilitate of Design Thinking for their teams.


Completed Design Thinking Fundamentals and Apply Design Thinking through a Design Sprint

Course Outlines

  • Refresher of a design sprint
  • How to prepare to run your own design sprint
  • How to scope a design challenge
  • Homework : Individually scoping a design challenge
  • Evaluating the design challenges scoped by the participants
  • Guide on good facilitation skills
  • Mock Session

• Expert Talk + HMW
• Long Term Goal
• Sprint Questions
• User Journey Map
• Jobs to be Done
• Note taking
• Idea doodling
• Reflection

• Concept sketching + heat map
• Gallery walk
• Testing Anchors
• User Test Flow
• Storyboarding
• Prototyping
• Testing
• Testing Unpacking
• Reflection

RM 2799 HRDC Claimable
  • Certification
  • Real Case Application

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