5G Overview & Impacts to Business

5G Overview & Impacts to Business

Overview of 5G & Impacts to Business

Since the commercial launch of the fifth generation (5G) cellular mobile communication technology in 2019, a plethora of innovative 5G-enabled use cases have been introduced globally in various industries such as automobile, education, medical, & governance.

In this course, we explore the impacts of 5G implementation & the potential business opportunities enabled by it. At the end of the course,  participants will  understand the latest development of 5G, identify the business opportunities & business changes required to adapt to 5G, & have a brief overview of the future direction of 5G & 6G.


1 Day

Audience Profile

Any professional keen to understand the impact and implementation of 5G in businesses



Course Outlines of 5G Overview & Impacts to Business

  • Evolution of cellular mobile communication
  • 5G drivers – subscriber, industry & operational
  • 5G application scenarios – eMBB, mMTC & uRLLC
  • 5G KPIs – 9 key indicators
  • 5G standardization path
  • 5G technology & system architecture
  • 5G network – NSA, SA
  • 5G ecosystem & service
  • Overview of government & industry’s 5G initiatives and
    business strategies (US, Korea, Japan, China, Europe & Southeast Asia)
  • 5G super-connectivity & societal change – The 3 pillars: living experience, industry productivity
    & social governance
  • Living experience enrichment – medical, education, travel, entertainment
  • Industry service enhancement – IR4.0, Smart Grid, Smart Port & Transportation
  • Social governance empowerment – security, green environment, governance management
  • Overview of electromagnetic frequency (EMF)
  • EMF Radiation Technology in 5G
  • Biological impacts of non-ionizing and ionizing EMF
  • 5G EMF and health risk – myth and fact
  • 5G+ : Research and industry investment
  • 6G overview: Vision & Direction
RM 699 HRDC Claimable
  • Certification
  • Real Case Application

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