Introductory To Excel Workshop (Basic Excel)


This Basic Excel course is designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of the basic features and functions of Microsoft Excel. Through a combination of theoretical and practical exercises, participants will gain proficiency in creating, editing, and formatting spreadsheets, as well as performing calculations, sorting and filtering data.

This workshop will provide a solid foundation for further learning and application in a range of personal and professional contexts.


1 Day

Audience Profile

Any professional who It is wanting more knowledge on formulas, formatting worksheets, managing workbooks and worksheets for business data.





Course Outlines

Excel Interface

  • Ribbon, Tabs, Quick Access Toolbar

Understanding Excel Data Entry

  • Text, Number, Date

Navigation tips and Common Shortcut keys

    • Autofill & Flash Fill
    • AutoFill a Series
    • Creating Custom Lists

Understanding Formulas

  • Operators
  • Using Cell References in Formulas
  • Using Formulas with number, text & date values

Introduction to Functions

  • Frequently used functions- AutoSum, Average, Max, Min, COUNT, COUNTA

Working with Date values & Functions

    • Inserting Static Dates and Times
    • Date Functions
      • Inserting a Dynamic Date Only
      • Inserting a Dynamic Date and Time
      • Get last day of the month (EOMonth)

Formatting Columns

    • Modifying Column Width
    • Inserting & Deleting columns
    • Modifying Row Height
    • Inserting & Deleting Rows

Formatting Text

Formatting Numbers

Changing Alignment

  • Horizontal and Vertical Text Alignment
  • Merging Cells
  • Text Wrapping
  • Text Orientation

Borders and Shading

  • Applying Borders
  • Applying Cell Colors

Format Painter

Applying Cell Styles

Adjusting Zoom

  • To use the Zoom Slider
  • To use Zoom from the Ribbon
  • To use the Zoom dialog box
  • To use Zoom to Selection

Using Multiple Windows

  • To open multiple windows of a single worksheet
  • To open multiple windows of several workbooks
  • To open a window for each worksheet in a Workbook

Using Freeze Panes

  • To freeze panes
  • To unfreeze panes
  • To freeze the first column only

Using Split Windows

    • To split a worksheet
    • To remove the split
      • To split using icons

Custom Views

  • To create a custom view of the whole sheet
  • To display a saved view
  • To delete a saved view

Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Hide a worksheet
  • Display a hidden worksheet

Working With Multiple Worksheets

  • Renaming Worksheet Tabs

Changing Worksheet Tab Colors

Inserting Worksheets

  • Inserting Worksheets: Ribbon Option
  • Inserting Worksheets: Right Click Option
  • Inserting Worksheets: Button Option

Moving Worksheets

  • Moving Worksheets: Same Workbook using the Ribbon
  • Moving Worksheets: Same Workbook, Right Click
  • Moving Worksheets: Same Workbook, Drag and Drop Option
  • Moving Worksheets: Different Workbook

Copying Worksheets

  • Copying Worksheets: Same Workbook using the Ribbon
  • Copying Worksheets: Same Workbook using Right-click
  • Copying Worksheets: Same Workbook, Drag and Drop Option
  • Copying Worksheets: Different Workbook

Deleting Worksheets

Grouping and Ungrouping Sheets

  • Grouping Worksheets
  • Ungrouping Worksheets

Setting up your Worksheets

  • Page Breaks
  • Setting Page Orientation
  • Setting Margins
  • Setting Headers and Footers
  • Setting a Print Area

Print Titles

The Scale To Fit

Sheet Options

Previewing your Worksheet

Printing your Worksheet



RM 699 HRDC Claimable
  • Certification
  • Real Case Application

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