Big Data Strategy and Application

Big Data Strategy and Application


How to strategize and apply big data to create a successful data-and insights-driven organization or business? This workshop will give participants a good understanding of the key elements and considerations needed to ideate and develop high-value BDA applications.

This is a non-technical class, focused on the strategic standpoint.


1 Day

Audience Profile

Any professional who wants to work on big data strategy 



Course Outlines

  • An introduction of 3Vs of BDA and creating value from them to benefit the economies, societies and governments
  • Study high impact case studies from a variety of industries and government agencies exploiting BDA
  • Understand analytic maturity stages from answering what happened and why it happened to what will happen and what is the best course of action
  • Understand the end to-end analytics environment from data ingestion, ETL and analytics, to report, dashboard and actionable insights
  •  Understand cloud computing and running BDA using cloud-based infrastructures such as AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Explore the 5 stages of data and analytics maturity and how they are related to business strategy, culture, people, process and technologies
  • Explore the role of data scientists and data engineers and how they fit into the BDA ecosystem
  • Understand the skillsets required from the data scientist and data engineers
  • Introduction to the CRISP-DM methodology for high-impact analytics projects
  • Discuss data-driven case studies that contain all the elements that have been presented in the workshop
  • Discussion of specific industry use cases that are relevant to the participants to prepare them for the brainstorming activity
  • Logical process of analysis and prioritization to identify “quick wins” AI business cases for the organization
  • Identify “quick wins” business cases to justify the AI proofs- of-concept and projects
RM 699 HRDC Claimable
  • Certification
  • Real Case Application

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