AI for Business

AI for Business


This course will provide you with a basic foundation on Artificial Intelligence and its usage in various businesses across industries. It will cover the general aspect of available services and tools as well as ethical implementation considerations in business.

This interactive workshop will encourage participants to consider possible areas in their own industry that can benefit from AI usage using various case studies and discussions.


1 Day

Audience Profile

This intro course is open to anyone who wishes to better understand AI and its application in business, not solely for technical staffs or engineers.



Course Outlines

  • What is AI?
  • Artificial Intelligence Features
  • Benefits of using AI
  • Business Use Cases
  • How AI is applied in Business
  • Identify Use Case related to current business
  • Principles of Ethical AI
  • Evaluating use of AI and its appropriateness
  • Identify ethical considerations related to current business.
  • Team activity to discuss and present ideas about AI use in their own business context.
RM 699 HRDC Claimable
  • Certification
  • Real Case Application

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