Design Thinking Fundamentals
(Level 1 & 2)

Design Thinking

Overview of Design Thinking

This is an introductory programme to Design Thinking. Firstly, it will take the participants to go through the basic Design Thinking process. 

Additionally, some of the tools such as Empahty map that anybody can easily use during apply Design Thinking.

In short, this is a hands-on programme where participants will be expected to learn and apply human-centered design process in project teams during the course.

The purpose of the programme is to help show people a new way of problem solving and as a design thinker when providing solutions.

As a result, design thinking mindset allows the users to new ways of thinking and encourage them to continue to explore additional tools that can be included in the design thinking methodology.


2 Days

Audience Profile

All individuals who are new to Design Thinking



Course Outlines

  •  Understand the reason behind design thinking
  • To show case how DT can impact real world challenge positively
  • How is design thinking valuable in organizational issues and practices
  • Understand the importance of solving from a user’s point of view within by collaborating with other BU/CU based on the specific design challenges
  • To experience hands on empathy sessions from users based on the design challenge
  •  To educate how collating data from the empathy stage will help participants define the problems and challenges, by using a specific tool “Job to Be Done”
  • To show case various methods and tools on how can participants brainstorm creatively even with given constrains
  • Learning to use Constrains that are
    unique to the certain BU/CU for the
    brainstorming session

• To showcase how prototyping can solve assumptions of ideas by just building the idea in a low fidelity form

  • To get participants to experience the importance of seeking and validating their ideas at an early stage and strategies on how to that mindfully.
  • To understand how to unpack findings from findings and derive into insights
  • To teach teams with teams, by collaborating and sharing ideas and feedback

Outcome of Learning Design Thinking

RM 1399 HRDC Claimable
  • Certification
  • Real Case Application

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