Microsoft Suite Productivity Tools Training

microsoft productivity suite


Learn how to be more productive and effective at work by fully utilizing Microsoft Suite products whether it is Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Word, MS Teams or OneNote. The course goes beyond the basics to include useful techniques, shortcuts and best practices for each tool!


4 Hours

Audience Profile

Any user of Microsoft Suite who wants to better leverage MS tools and tips to work better and faster



Course Outlines

  • Nudge objects on the screen•Align objects
  • Eye Dropper Tool (Excel 2013 onwards)
  • Convert Text to SmartArt
  • Standardizing Slides Format using Slide Master
  • Copy formatting using Format Painter
  • Copy Animation using Animation Painter
  • Remove Picture Background
  • Quick text selection
  • Select a word, paragraph, whole document
  • Multiple selections
  • Enable document indicators on the Status Bar
  • Understand page & section breaks to organise documents
  • Create Table of Contents using Styles
  • Conditional formatting messages
  • Set rules to manage emails sent to you (To) and copied to you (cc)
  • Enable conversation view
  • Flag messages for follow up•Ignore messages
  • Quick Input in Excel
  • •nsert current date using Shortcut keys
  • Pick from Drop down list
  • Utilising using flash fill (Excel 2013 onwards only)
  • Combine and Extract text entries
  • Working with Excel windows
  • Display different files/workbook side by side
  • Display current workbook, different worksheet side by side
  • Working with Table
  • Understanding database
  • Create normal range as Table
  • Work with table
  • Enable Total Row
  • Add new data –Row & Column
  • Add calculation using Table structure formula
  • Applying format using conditional formatting
  • What is Teams
  • Successful Meetings and Events
  • Brainstorming using Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams
  • Manage a Project with teams, channels and apps

Grasp useful tips and features within each of the following Microsoft Suite products:

RM 349 HRDC Claimable
  • Certification
  • Real Case Application

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